Grease Pencil From Mesh

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Grease Pencil From Mesh

129 ratings

Blender Add-on for converting mesh objects to full color Grease Pencil objects (or Curves) with edge filtering for sharp edges, intersections and round surface outlines.

Animation plotting and Text Object conversion.

Includes, selective conversion of edges marked Crease, Sharp and Freestyle.

Full color conversion of all mesh materials into Grease Pencil Colors.

***Now with Shadows & Highlights and Curves Output!***

Version: 2.6.0s

Documents: http://ersoz.com/SketchNCarve/Pages/GP_FromMesh.html

Single frame or animation with Shadows and Highlights.

Automatically convert mesh materials into grease pencil materials.
(Pro) Generate lines at intersections even when there are no edges.

Stylize generated edges using edge noise (wobble), random thickness, edge offset, multi lines.
(Pro) Generate Outlines around curved surfaces.

Grease Pencil Shadows and Highlights.

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I want this!


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